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About Rio Actors School


 Rio Actors School ( original portuguese name: Oficina de Atores) is an acting school based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The school offers a set of courses and workshops for actors, artists and professionals in TV, film, theater and audiovisual industry. Founded in 2006 by a group of performing arts professionals, the school have had a huge growth in the last years, when students from many brazilian cities traveling to Rio just to attend some of its courses or workshops. Rio Actors School has also received international students from Portugal and portuguese speaking countries, attracted by the renowed teachers team, composed by actors, directors and professionals with experience in the brazilian market i


Brazil is a country that has a powerful television media industry, where have emerged many great actors. Also the brazilian theater, with almost 200 years of tradition, is a celeiro of talented actors. Brazil also produces film on a significant scale, but it is undoubtedly on TV that is focused the attention of the Brazilian audience, specially in TV series (in portuguese: "novelas") and sitcoms. Brazil is home of Globo TV, the most powerful broadcasting company in South America, and world second largest commercial TV network in annual revenue , behind American Broadcasting Company (ABC). Brazilian novelas and series are the main TV attraction not only in Brazil but also in Portugal and all Portuguese speaking countries, which are the largest importers of brazilian series in the world. Brazilian actors are considered the best ones in the lusophone world, seen as the reference for all professional actors and acting students in portuguese speaking countries.


But, even out the english speaking world , some brazilian actors have reached Hollywood, being known by english-speaking audience, like Sonia Braga (Dona Flor and her two husbands, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Moon over Parador, Sex and the City, Wonder) , Rodrigo Santoro (Love Actually, Charlie's Angels, 300, I Love You Phillip Morris, Ben-Hur) , Wagner Moura (Elysium, Narcos) , Alice Braga (City of God,  I'm the Legend, Blindness, Elysium) , and Oscar nominated best actress Fernanda Montenegro ( Central Station / Central do Brasil -1998) . Not forgetting , of course , the most famous brazilian in American movies : Carmen Miranda , the great Hollywood star in the golden era of musicals, when she became famous worldwide performing her epic " lady-in-the-tutti-frutti-hat" , the character created by her that remains a brazilian (and american) cultural icon until now .


Therefore , Brazilian performing arts schools are sought after by beginners and professional actors from all countries with Portuguese language. Due to demand including of people from non - english speaking countries , Rio Actors School has expanded opportunities for these courses also provide students , initially getting actors and directors from the U.S. and UK to minister classes in English, and from 2013 also opening vacancies for non - english speaking students who want exchange study performing arts in Brazil , with Brazilian actors and directors , to refine and enrich their acting skills through international acting experience besides english language and cultural exchange.  


COMPANY NAME: Oficina de Atores - Curso de Preparação em Artes Cênicas Ltda
CNPJ: 12.624.494/0001 - 64


School board: Thiago Cantarelli, Matheus Barros and Roberto Carelli

Daniel Freitas (Acting Course Director - Copacabana)
Selma Lopes (Dubbing Course Director)
Mara Faustino (TV & Film Course Director - São Paulo)
Níveo Diegues (Acting Course Director in São Paulo, Sorocaba, Santos and Jundiaí)
Silvio Fróes (Acting Course director -  Campinas, Recife, Méier and Tijuca)
Josi Varjão (Acting Course Director - Salvador/ Bahia)
Luciana Coutinho (Acting Course Director -  Recreio dos Bandeirantes - RJ)
Alexandre Gomes (Acting Course Director - Unidade Nova Iguaçú)




OFICINA DE ATORES - RIO DE JANEIRO (headquarters): Av Nossa Senhora de Copacabana 583 grupo 702 - Copacabana -
Rio de Janeiro - Tel: (21) 2235-3105 ou ou 3005-9312


Rua Cardeal Arcoverde 928 sala 307 - Pinheiros - São Paulo - SP - Tel: (11) 2384-9557


OFICINA DE ATORES - CAMPINAS:  Rua Maria Monteiro 725 (Academia de Ballet Juliana Omati) - Cambuí - Campinas - SP -  Tel: (19) 3251-0135


OFICINA DE ATORES - SOROCABA: R. Luiz Costa Coimbra, 142 - Vila Angélica (Ballet Gislene Modesto) - Tel: (19) 3251-0135


OFICINA DE ATORES - SALVADOR:  Rua Roschild Moreira, 1 (Dance Co) - Ondina - Salvador - BA -  Tel: (71) 2626-3003


OFICINA DE ATORES - JUNDIAÍ: Rua do Retiro, 745 - Anhangabaú (Studio La Danse) - Jundiaí - SP - Telefone: (15) 3223-1439


OFICINA DE ATORES - NOVA IGUAÇÚ: Av.Getúlio de Moura, nº 1302 - Centro - Nova Iguaçú - RJ (Espaço F.A.M.A.)
Tel:  (21) 3768-9250  


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